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Price: $60

Textruta: The Nano is a series of vintage drum synthesizers in a 4HP Euro module.
7 modules are included in the series:
R606 Vintage drums, R727 Latin Percussions, CR-4 Compurhythm, Drumfox Synth Percussion, SP-4 Drumulatin, DX 80’s classic and Lm-1 classic.
All modules have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.
Mixed mono output.
Make a note on your Paypal order of the module you want.

The 4HP Nano Drum Module

The DSP-Host 4HP Euro  ATtiny85 Module

dsp-Host Price: $60

Price: $99

Textruta: The module is a Phase Distortion Oscillator in 4HP Euro.
1 analog pitch input CV 1v/oct.
1 analog PD Modulation Index CV input.
This is the oscillator that makes resonant sweeps without a filter.
Functions like the fameous Casio CZ synths.
Mixed mono output.

The CZ-VCO 4HP Euro  Oscillator  Module

Price: $80

Textruta: The DRUM8 4HP Module is an 8-voice polyphonic drum sample module with 8 drum sounds.
You can select between LM1 and Minipops soundsets.
Featuring 8 positive edge trig inputs it also has a global analog accent CV input with a range of +6dB to +48dB, a global Tune knob and CV for a sample rate modulation of 15% to 400% rate and a mono audio output.

The Drum8 4HP Euro  Drum Module

S05: 606 Style Price: $15

Textruta: A selection of 5 different sound chips with different styles.
For use with the ”The Drum” module above.

Sound Chips for The Drum 4HP Euro  Drum Module

S01: 70’s Rhytmbox Price: $15

S02: 80’s Classic Drum Machine Price: $15

S03: Latin Percussion Price: $15

S04: 909 Style Price: $15

Price: $60

Textruta: The Älmhult Kastrull is a 4HP drum module with industrial percussion sounds.
The 4 sounds are samples of IKEA kitchen pots, whisks and pans.
(Kastrull is the Swedish word for kitchen pot.)
The module have 4 rising edge trig inputs and a global tune knob with input CV.
Mixed mono output.

Älmhult Kastrull - The 4HP Industrial Drum Module

Price: $49

Textruta: The module is a 4 voice polyphonic drum module that can host a selection of different replaceable sound chips.
4 positive edge trigger inputs and 1 global tune CV input.
Mixed mono output.
Delivered without the sound chip (order one below)

The Drum 4HP Euro  Drum Module

The 4HP eurorack module has a 8-pin DIP socket on the outside like the old Simmons EPROM drums that host an ATtiny85 MCU.

Like an Ardcore or Euroduino it can host whatever you program yourself into an ATtiny85.
Anything from simple VCO’s, LFO’s and other oscillators to complete drum sounds and complex FM voices.

2 analog/CV inputs with attenuators and 1 cv analog/digital input jack.
1 audio output jack.

Price: $40

Textruta: The Zero Bassline is a 3HP bassline synth.
The module is passive and ghost powered and requires no power connector.
1 Filter resonance knob.
1 Filter decay knob.
1 1V/Oct Pitch CV input.
1 Gate CV input.
Mono audio output.

The Zero Bassline 3HP Passive  Oscillator  Module