CASIO SK-1 Drum Module


Like those cheesy Casio drum sounds?

This is a clone of the rhythm unit in the Casio SK-1 Sampling keyboard.

This 4HP module has trigger inputs for the 8 drumsounds: Bass drum, Snare drum 1, Snare drum 2, Closed hihat, Open hihat, Lo Tom, Mid Tom and Hi Tom.


  • 8 voice polyphonic
  • 8-bit 9.38KHz PCM
  • Mixed mono output
  • 4HP screen printed alu panel
  • Thonkiconn jacks
  • +12v 40mA power
  • 35mm depth

Based on the SK-1 DIY drum chip.

The SK-1 rhythms are fameous and have been used on a number of tracks.

10 prebuilt units available shipping on Dec 7th at 40% off!


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