COSMO Rev FFT Osc Module


The COSMO is an 8HP oscillator module using virtual analog modeling.

Cosmo stands for Composite Sine Modeling Oscillator. It uses a 16-band reverse-FFT algorithm to model the oscillator, waveform and filter.

Output is any bandlimited waveform you can imagine, sine, triangle. square or saw.

It also emulates a 24dB resonant filter by reshaping the component spectrum.

The calculated waveforms include sine, triangle, square and saw.

All waveforms are available as super-wave doubling.

There are separate outputs for bandpass and feedback FM effects.


  • 16-band composite sinewave oscillator
  • 1v/octave pitch CV input
  • Gate input
  • Lowpass filter cutoff parameter and CV input
  • Lowpass filter resonance parameter
  • Separate frequency band outputs
  • Tuning knob
  • Sine, triangle, square and saw waveform with morph CV input.
  • Superwave doubling CV input
  • Master output


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