dsp-G2 Analog Modelling Synthesizer


The Generation II Virtual Analog Synthesizer chip.

The chip is a complete Analog Modelling MIDI synth in a 20-pin SOP chip.

The chip reads TTL level serial MIDI data and outputs sound through a 44.1KHz Delta-Sigma DAC.

The synth has a Dual-DCO structured as fully (128 note) paraphonic with a 24db lowpass filter with resonance.

It also has AMP ENV, filter ENV and LFO with sine or sample&hold waveform.

The chip can be used for your own DIY projects or you can buy the PCB for building it into a MIDI-DIN connector available here:

MIDI-DIN PCB for the dsp-G2 chip

Very simple to use with few additional parts.

If your controller only has USB ports you can use this USB to MIDI converter board:

Digispark DIY USB to Serial MIDI Board


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