K8 Additive Synthesizer ATtiny84 Source


The chip is a 8 Sinewave Additive Synthesizer in a 14-pin DIP

1 analog pitch input CV for the fundamental. 1v/oct.
7 analog level CVs for level of the 7 harmonics.
1 Oscillator Sync input.
1 LFO/VCO Range select input.

This is the synth that requires no filter for shaping. because you can modulate the harmonic content of the fundamental frequency.

Link to preprogrammed chip

The purchasable source includes:

  • PDF Application manual
  • Source code .INO for compilation with Arduino IDE
  • HEX file for ATtiny84 writeable with Avrdude


This is not Open-Source.
The license is permitted for personal use only.

If you intend to sell a product including the source,
buy the number of licenses you will sell.

After payment you will receive a link that is limited to 3 downloads.

Spread the word, not the code!


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