R-6S Basic Kit


The R-6S is a classic 70’s sample based drum module in 12HP. Screen-printed aluminum panel and Thonkiconn jacks.

  • 12HP Aluminum panel
  • Thonkiconn jacks
  • 6 Classic 606 style drum sounds with adjustable pitch
  • 32 KHz sample rate 16-bit DPCM
  • 6 channel slider mixer
  • 6 drum trig inputs
  • 6 separate outputs
  • 1 mixed mono output
  • Socketed drum chip, firmware and samples may be updated
  • 12HP width
  • 35mm depth

This is the basic Panel/PCB/Chip kit for DIY.

(A full kit is available here)

(The module is available prebuilt here)

Building instructions

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