SP1200 Percussion Module


The SP1200 is a vintage drum module in 24HP.
12 Classic sounds with separate outputs.

Sounds include Kick, Snare, Hihat, Tom, Claps, Ride, Rim, Tambourine, Guiro, Timbale, Electro Perc, Orchestral Hit.

  • Features:
  • 12 classic percussion sounds (12-bit DPCM, 24KHz)
  • 12 voice polyphonic
  • 12 slider knob volume mixer
  • 12 tuning knobs 4 – 48 KHz sample frequency
  • 12 separate drum outputs
  • 1 mixed mono output
  • MIDI input 3.5mm TRS-jack type ‘B’ (Arturia)
  • 24HP width
  • 35mm depth

We no longer stock prebuilt modules.
Please request for a quote to have it prebuilt.



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