XR10 DIY Full Kit


Want to make sounds like African Bambaataa or Kraftwerk?

Well this percussion module IS hip-hop and electro.

The XR10 is a percussion module in 12HP.
6 classic electro/hip-hop 16-bit sounds with separate outputs.


  • 6 classic XR10 16-bit drum sounds.
  • 6 voice polyphonic
  • 6 slider knob volume mixer
  • 6 tuning knobs 4 – 40 KHz sample frequency
  • 6 separate drum outputs
  • 1 mixed mono output

Demo video

This is a full DIY kit.

BOM and included in the kit:

  • Step-by-step building instructions
  • Alu panel
  • PCB
  • Drum chip
  • 13pcs Thonkiconn jacks
  • 6pcs 20mm slider potentiometer
  • 6pcs 9mm rotary potentiometer
  • 10-pin IDC power connector
  • 78L05 linear regulator
  • 7pcs 10uF electrolythic capacitor
  • 7pcs 100nF ceramic capacitor
  • 12pcs 1K resistor
  • 7pcs 1N4148 diodes

Building instructions

Also available as Prebuilt


Out of stock


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